Sticker Collection: Pikmin, Frieren, Sad Hamster & Bo-chan

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♡ Self-designed cute sticker collection! ♡

These stickers are made out of splashproof glossy white photo paper, illustrated digitally on Procreate! Can be placed in your notebook, binder, locker, or wherever you want! Add these cute stickers to your anime collection! 💕

There are six stickers included in this collection, that can be bought separately or in multiple packs with discounts:
➤ 1. Sad Hamster: “Yes, I will cry”, featuring the popular TikTok hamster meme.
➤ 2. Fruity Bo-chan: Original sticker featuring a peachy cosplayed Bo-chan from Crayon Shin-chan, saying “I’m so fruity”… if you know you know.
➤ 3. Yellow Pikmin: Having a little existential crisis, we can relate…
➤ 4. Frieren Sama: Showing a little bit of affection can help sometimes.
➤ 5. Fern: She can get a bit too salty, you should not talk to her for a while.
➤ 6. Sein: The only one who dares to say what we are all thinking.

Size: Approx 6 cm. ~ 2.36 in.

Material: Splashproof glossy white photo paper (100g/m2).



Estimated arrival times (see Shipping Information):

Spain: 3-5 days.
Europe: 1-2 weeks.
United States (& rest): 2-3 weeks.

Take into consideration that the estimated shipping time can vary due to the Covid-19 situation, and please understand that once I send your order through ordinary mail I have no control over it! For a faster dispatch, registered mail shipping is also available (including tracking number).


🎁 FREE GIFT! 🎁 Every order will get an extra random sticker of one of my designs 🙂

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

♡ Juds ♡


Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 6 cm


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